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Often times, when brides sit in my chair it is the first time they've been able to take a breath and reflect upon the magnitude of the day.

My bridal experience is designed to provide brides with an advocate; someone who will protect her energy and allow her to relax while being pampered--likely the only time she has to take a breath! 

No rushing around, feeling like the schedule is falling behind, or WORSE, hating the hair & makeup you've gotten done!!

I'm committed to ensuring that this wedding nightmare is NEVER your reality!! 

It is important to me that I provide an intentional and exclusive experience centered around authenticity.  

Confidence in knowing I will deliver the Bridal makeup of her dreams! 

a wedding morning marked by relaxation and calm vibes to prep for her nuptials 

Exclusive, refined, authentic & Intentional

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Meet The OWner, Rachel

Makeup isn't about the products I'm using; it's about the emotion I am able to draw out of you when I hand you the mirror to experience your transformative reveal. The tears that well up and the smile that grows across your face are both metaphorical gratuity for me. Your emotional response tells me that you've never felt prettier.
I'm just an empath, ready to evoke confidence and grace through the use of makeup brushes on the most beautiful and treasured day of your life. 

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